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    Lawrence Lau

    Here is the space for my collections. I would like to share some interests and useful information.

    If you are a developer / programmer, you would find some interesting computer scrience techniques.

    If you like playing guitar, you may be get love songs and the guitar chords.

    Lawrence Lau was born in June 1988 in ShenZhen, China. And current city is Hong Kong, China.

    He enjoy playing sport games, such as swimming, football, running. And also like countryside, Natural-place, Guitar, creative ideas, teaching mathematics.

    This is my wife Yannes~~~ ^^ 


    I am..

    WEB programmer

    • Love creative ideas, clean write modular and robust code, UX, modern technologies
    • Various experience from front-end to back-end, from website to WEB system

    Software Developer

    • Worked on different indutries. Logistic, marketing, E-commercial industries
    • Built logistic application programming interface, payment gateway

    MODx CMS/CMF Developer

    Strong MODx developer, Building MODx packages, MODx websites, contributing MODx official developments

    Experienced Mathematics Tutor

    I started teach when I was Form.4. I enjoy the time teaching my students, delivering Mathematics concepts and skills.


    A very meaningful job! Which I would like to be indeed but seems I am approaching to be developer rather than fireman. Look forward chances to be a fire officer in the future.


    2014.4 to current

    Analyst programmer, Prizm(HK), marketing industry, 20 staffs


    - MODX Contributor with Contributor License Agreement:

    contribution to modx: Bug fix Bug #9364 Unicode characters removed when sanitizeString

    2012.9 to 2014.4

    WEB Programmer, Kwiksure/Pacific Prime insurance broker Ltd.(Hong Kong office), Insurance industry, 100 staffs, 1.5 years


    Programmer, Yueh Fung Logistic Limited., 9 months


    Graduated from The Open University of Hong Kong

    -  Bachelor of Science in Electronic


    Started School at The Open University of Hong Kong


    Enginnering, Graduated from HKU SPACE Community College

    - FYP: Electronic project - The explorer

    - Team Leader

    - Grade (A-)


    Setup Connection_Final.avi

    Sensor System _Final.mpg

    Manual Mode _Final.mpg

    Auto Mode_Final.mpg


    Started School at HKU SPACE Community College


    Graduated from QualiEd College


    Started School at QualiEd College



    - B Grade: Math.

    - C  Grades: English(Syl. A), Additional Math., Biology, Physics, Chemistry


    Started School at Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School

    Graduated from Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School


    Started School at Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School


    Graduated from SKH St. Thomas Primary School


    Started School at SKH St. Thomas Primary School


    WEB Programmer

    • Programming language: Proficient in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, VB, Assembler, C++
    • Frameworks/Others: PDO, xPDO, Smarty, MODX CMS, Angular JS, Common APIs(Google map, OAuth2, YouTube), Google Analytics, Mixpanel, SEO, ERP, Payment gateway, WEB device compatibility, WEB scrapping, Bootstrap 2.3.2/3, Facebook SDK
    • Server: Linux Ubuntu, Window server 2003, 2008
    • Software: GIT, Apache, PHP, MYSQL, PL/SQL
    • Database: MYSQL, MongoDB, Oracle

    Electronics studies (College)

    Basic circuit designs and usage of integrated circuit.

    Mathematics tutor (2004 to 2013)

    High school Mathematics tutor, 9-year experience


    How to fine me?

    Email: [email protected]

    QQ: 2375099742

    WeChat: lncknight

    GitHub: lncknight

    Skype: lncknight

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